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The Dr. of Rockology's Spoken Word Page

I couldn't even begin to assemble a site like this without mentioning The Firesign Theatre and Spalding Gray.

Not a day goes by that a Firesign Theatre line doesn't creep into my conversation. I could go on for hours on these 4 or 5 crazy guys. However, FST is something that must be experienced to understand (if that is even possible after 25 years of listening to some of their albums I still hear something new almost every time I enter their world). To call Phil Austin, Pete Bergman, Dave Ossman and Phil Proctor my comedic heros would be an understatement. There are several sites out there devoted to FST. Including The Official Firesign Theatre Site. The ones listed below are just a few of my favorites.

One of my newest heros is the monologist, Spalding Gray. The first time I watched his monolog "Swimming to Cambodia" I was mesmerized by him just 20 seconds into his story. Spalding has a way of grabbing your attention and keeping you enthralled until he is damn good and ready to let you loose. Unfortunately, there are very few web sites with information on Spuddy. Therefore, any links I leave here for you will be incomplete, at best.

Firesign Theatre Links

The Official Firesign Theatre Web Site
Stop by and check out "Radio Now" and find out the latest happenings with FST. So, live in the future. Yes, live in the future. It's just starting now.
The Official Digital Magazine of The Firesign Theatre. Step forward into the past or live in the future of FST.
Jerry's Firesign Theatre Page
Lotza great links to strange places with strange names like. . .
The Firesign Theatre Sounds Page
More WAV files than you can shake a pickle at.
Cristofer Morley's Firesign Theatre Page
A wonderful site that's ready to drop a great load of knowledge. Cristofer is the Ring leader for the FST Web Ring. Be sure to inflate shoes before crossing the water. Thank you.
The Adventures of Monty and Willy
This is not a link to a FST site. However, the stories and humor found on this page are inspired by FST.

Spalding Gray Links

Spalding 1

Spalding 2

Spalding 3