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The Dr. of Rockology's Politics Page

Don't worry I won't be on this Soap Box for long.

I am very proud that I am a descendant of William Hooper, one of the signers of The Declaration of Independence. This document along with The Constitution is slowly turning into just a couple of old sheets of parchment. Our government is running us instead of us running them. Thomas Jefferson would surely turn has back on this mockery of leadership. It is time to re-evaluate who is in charge; us (that's you and me, people) or them (the politicians who think that this country is their personal Monopoly game board).

These links are meant to provoke thought. However, if they help to provoke the next revolution like John Lennon said: "We all wanna change the world".

Political Links

The Libertarian Party: The political party of the 21st century. But, don't wait for the new millenium to get here. It's the government that's supposed to work for us instead of the other way around.
NORML: The National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws: It's time to get real!
National Rifle Association: The Second Amendment isn't for hunters; it's to keep the government in check. When they take away our firearms our freedom is the next thing to go.
Drug Testing: This site is loaded (OK, pun intended) with info on how to deal with having to pee into a bottle. Everything you need to re-live those days or live then for the first time.

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