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The Dr. of Rockology's Outdoor Adventure Page

It ain't called The Great Outdoors for nothin'!

I have taken far too many adventures to even begin to tell you about them on this site. These links are meant to take you on a cyber journey to some of the places that I have been to and have left their marks on me. Like Jimi said: ". . . Takes about a half a day to get there. If we travel by my dragonfly".


Please bare with me as I gather all of the information needed to make this Site work.

In the meantime I would like to invite you to check out my friends', Monty and Willy at their new Web Site. It's called The Adventures of Monty and Willy, and I'm sure that you'll find their adventures a kick in the pants. Provided you are wearing any. They have been compared to National Geographics, Lewis and Clark, Martin and Lewis, Harold Head and Sunset Magazine, just to name a few. You never know where Monty and Willy will be headed to next so make sure that you click on the link below.

The Doctor's Adventure Links

The Adventures of Monty and Willy: Monty and Willy are two of the greatest modern-day explorers of the Southwestern United States. Their always comical and sometimes suspenseful stories are favorites of mine.

Fred Elbel's Utah Wilderness SurfSites: A wonderful site. If you've ever been to Utah you will love it to. If you have never been to Utah, this site may make you want to go.

Max Bertola's Southern Utah: Another splendid site to check out the most beautiful place on Earth.

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